When facts don't matter: Vox on Breitbart's 'culture war'

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Political beliefs don't always match political facts.

Just as in life, emotions sometimes hold sway in ways that hard data simply can't touch.

That, Vox argues, is where the alt-right darling media empire known as Breitbart comes into play. After all, conservatives, as with liberals, are not a homogenous group.

Photo of Andrew Breitbart by Gage Skidmore on Flickr

At a time in US politics when the current election cycle is fraught with peril, Vox is a left-leaning site that lives to accentuate the power of data and policy in both politics and our modern world in general. It's a haven for those who love infographics and analysis of hard data, and it prides itself on being exactly that. It's also arguably the site most responsible for the rise of the explainer as a story structure in modern journalism.

With GOP nominee Donald Trump's appointment of long-time Breitbart chair Steve Bannon as his CEO, Vox felt that a Breitbart explainer was long overdue:

Vox argues that Breitbart and its adherents are mainly concerned with a few key points:

221cultural Marxism which has little to do with any Marxist ideology you may have studied in school. Vox says that founder Andrew Breitbart believed that European intellectuals who immigrated to America sought to destroy it from within by infiltrating America's culture and instituting political correctness and multiculturalism as the norm, and displacing what Breitbart (the man, not the empire) felt were America's native Judeo-Christian values.

247white populist nationalism248. This is what Trump is tapping into, whether it's actually what he believes or not.


* 283Republican Elite284. This includes current Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (who no one acquainted with his record could justifiably accuse of being a radical leftist).

Vox also breaks down key figures in the Breitbart hierarchy, including founder Andrew Breitbart, Steve Bannon, and Milo Yiannopoulos. You may remember the latter figure from starring roles in high-profile attention-grabbers such as Gamergate and siccing his conservative and more than slightly racist fanbase on actress Leslie Jones on Twitter around the time the Ghostbusters remake premiered. Yiannopoulos was subsequently banned from Twitter by the powers that be for TOS violations.

For more on Vox's founding by the founder of theWashington Post's Wonkblog, go here:

For more on the Yiannopoulos/Twitter kerfuffle, go here (and know that Leslie Jones has since returned to Twitter, and even became an official NBC Rio2016 commentator after enthusiastically tweeting nonstop on her own time about the Olympics this summer):

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