Where To Call Home

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“Are you drunk?” my Nan asks.

“No,” I reply. I’ve only had a couple drinks and I’m perfectly fine. I think they thought I’d be like my mom was at my age: crazy, drunk, and unpredictable.

I’m done drinking for the night. I’m over the party scene. I start thumbing through one of my wedding magazines I brought with me. I show my Nan a dress that looks similar to mine and she says it’s lovely.

“Do you think you and Rob would move to England someday?”

“I don’t know,” I say. “I think he’d like to live here, for a while at least. We’ll come to England in a couple years so everyone can meet him.”

“Are you going to have kids soon?”

I nod. “Probably in three or four years. We both want kids.”

“You could raise little English children,” she says. I smile. “You know I was your age when I was pregnant with Uncle Vin.”

“I need to finish school first.”

My Nan agrees. “Do you cook dinner for Rob?”

“Most nights,” I say. “He cooks for me too when I’m at work. We’re both very busy but I do like to take care of him when I can.”

“Good,” my Nan says. “Don’t ever be like your mother. She’s cruel to your poor dad, leaving him in Nevada and never taking care of him or making dinner.”

“I could never do what she did my dad. She left us both.”

“You’d never leave your family, would you?”

“I can’t,” I laugh. “They’ve already left me.”

My Nan shakes her head and looks outside at my mother laughing and running around the garden with my Aunt Julie. 

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