Which apps are revolutionizing food travel?

Which apps are revolutionizing food travel?

Want more than just basic restaurant info on your mobile? Here are 8 apps that offer an easy way to get info plus the food experience you want - anywhere on the road. 

Trip Advisor is the grand daddy app of restaurant reviews in your pocket, it's true. This app is still a popular go to app for people looking up actual restaurant dinning reviews. Every month though we get more hyper in tune with new apps on the market and with these available - it's time to expand your horizons. 

Jetzy is a little like Tinder meets Meetup meets Foodspotting. It lets you pick food styles you like and then shows you who's eating what in which restaurant near you. Their big idea: Travel like a local. 

Serious foodies meet serious travelers in this write up of where to turn to make your life easier and your meal experience grand. 

Table 8 gets you the most coveted reservationsin whatever city you're in. No waiting. No hassles. No kidding. Definitely for those of us who can afford to be a little last minute. 

Check out the Table 8 app at the itunes app store. 

Meal Sharing connects you to home-cooked meals around the world - 450+ cities worldwide! Which means that if you happen to be, say in Nigeria,  you could find a family who would ostensibly share an amazing, authentic meal with you for a small fee and come away knowing what naa goodee means as a bonus. 

"Conceive. Cook. Consume." Repost from @0gechi with an epic Nigerian #mealsharing #food #sharing #yum !!!

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Tap in here to check out the meal sharing app. 

If you like the whole idea behind sophisticated supper clubs, the latest pop-ups, and are interested in who's who in the rising local chefs scene then your app is Eatfeastly. This app pairs you with the perfect chef, event or pop up when you're traveling - right now only in the US.

Below is the Feastly website that directs you to the app. 

For those of you who are food truck die hards, there's Roaming Hunger. It helps youtrack the elusive food truck scene in every city imaginable - some 9000 of them all over the country. 

The app, for both iphone and Android is the food truck map for your pocket. 

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