Who do you wanna be when you grow up?

Topaz ?
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15. Saul Goodman

Walter White's attorney at all things shady, Saul is who we'd be if our blood was colder and we didn't get tripped up by pesky ISH like ethics. Also, we like our hair better.

14. Ferris Bueller

Boyish good looks, gorgeous girlfriend, getting into and out of trouble. He doesn't belong on this list, he's a boy scout, but we said 15 so here he is. Suggest someone else and we'll dumpster fire him.

13. Han Solo

Smuggler. Scoundrel. Hero. When official Star Wars literature describes you this way, you know you've made it. The man goes toe to toe with Darth Vader and Boba Fett and lives to knock up the girl. 

12. Jax Teller

The Sons of Anarchy leading man is straight up rage. He's the guy we wanna be when that douchebag hitting on our date needs a curb stomping.

11. Ron Swanson

Admit it. You hate most things. So does Ron Swanson, and the man turns it into an art. He doesn't just hate things, he makes hating things awesome.

10. Tony Stark

Tony Stark's kind of a jerk. Rich, arrogant, a womanizer... and arrogant as he kicks ass in a metal combat suit too. Nuf said.

9. Captain Kirk

Old Kirk or new Kirk -- pick your poison. Either way, Kirk(s) is one of the smoothest-talking, hardest-punching, and most swashbuckling officers to ever grace a bridge. The best part? He can turn the schmooze off in an instant to save the galaxy. Fuckin hell, this is the wrong gif. If you find the right one, post the link in the comments. 

8. Rick Grimes

Rick has gone from moral ass to bad-ass. Seeing the end of the world will do that to you.

7. Michael Scott

Michael Scott is a walking disaster. Buffoon, diva, and crybaby, the man is a shameless shit magnet. He shouldn't be on the list, no one wants to be him.

6. Walter White

Walter White is who we be if we could do a tenth of the things he's capable of, like drug dealing and murdering and chemistry.

5. Stephen Colbert

Colbert is the politically incorrect news anchor that says all the nasty, vile things we think about society.

4. Tyrion Lannister


3. Sterling Archer

Master spy and lover of all things booty, Archer don't take no orders from no one.

2. Don Draper

Don's sexcapades and man-ups are legendary. He can keep the suit and the hair.

1. Ragnar Lothbrok

283We284s got an appetite -- for women

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