Who got murdered on Big Little Lies? ????

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Monterey's realtors are probably conflicted about David Kelley's new limited series on HBO. The show makes this California coastal location and its cliff homes look FANTASTIC.  Your neighbors, and the other parents at the local elementary school? Not so fantastic. The story starts with a murder at a school event, and then is told in ominous flashbacks. These women have everything, except it all. And they aren't happy with that. Plus, everyone's got a secret.

Did you read the book first?

There is an undercurrent of domestic violence on this show, with an incident on the first day of school.

Alexander Skarsgard is terrifying as a violent young husband to an older wife played by Nicole Kidman in another of her endless wigs.

Reese Witherspoon plays such a -- grudge holder. Her character, a bitter Betty Crocker type, is like Tracy Flick all grown up. Well, maybe not grown up but knocked up, married to a charismatic loser, divorced and married again to a nice bearded web designer with an edge. 

If you read the book, do you think it's necessary to enjoy the series? I'm hearing a lot of people complain they can't get into these small minded back stabbing characters. But they like the pretty scenery!

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