Who is Doug Morris?

Who is Doug Morris?

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Doug Morris  is an American record executive. He is the current chairman and CEO of Sony Music Entertainment. He previously served as chairman and CEO of the Universal Music as well. 

Oddly enough, you don't hear about too many executives being musically inclined. Well...not a music theory or songwriting kind of way. Morris began a career in the music industry as a songwriter for Robert Mellin, Inc (music publisher in the 50's & 60's).

33Sweet Talkin34 In the Boys Room35Brownsville Station.  Make a lateral move (which most artists do), Morris  joined Laurie Records as a songwriter and producer in 1965. After having a come to Jesus moment, Morris put down the pen and paper and became vice-president and general manager of the record label. 

He later started his own label, Big Tree Records, which was eventually acquired by Atlantic Records. Morris later became chairman and CEO of Sony Music Entertainment. After Morris' arrival, Sony Music restructured two of its label groups. The RCA/Jive Label Group had been split in half, being separated from the Jive Label Group. 

Morris is known throughout the industry for his progressive digital strategies, which led him to become the first media executive to monetize online music videos, essentially helping to create the music video-on-demand market online...Now known to you as VEVO! As the founder of VEVO, Morris partnered with Google Chairman Eric Schmidt to launch the new premium music video and entertainment service. Within its first month of launch, VEVO shattered records and attained over 35 million unique viewers in the U.S., instantly making it the #1 music entertainment destination on the Web! 

But beyond the spreadsheet, the 50-year-plus industry veteran, who has mentored Apple's Jimmy Iovine (featured in my story earlier), Atlantic's Craig Kallman and Republic's Monte Lipman, among other top executives, can claim ­ownership of the most transformative, feel-good and, probably, profit-­generating storyline to emerge from the music industry in the last decade: XL/Columbia's Adele, whose 25 shattered first-week sales records and finished 2015 selling 7.4 million copies!!

To say the least, Morris is a veteran in the music business. He has been around the block a time or two and is a man of MANY words. Check out the articles below as Morris touches on his feelings about one of the other moguls in this story, Jimmy Lovine, Steve Jobs and how to run a company properly...

140Work is a lot of fun when you have a hit like that

In closing... As mentioned above, Morris is known as a mentor to some of the most powerful moguls in the business. One could argue that if you mentor some of the most powerful, maybe you are THE most powerful. 

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