Who will be at the inauguration?

So far it looks like bikers, people in masks, and people who got a Facebook ad. Can you believe the Facebook ad might be the weirdest group? (Update! Screeeeeech -- the bikers have been overreported with fake news using images of earlier biker events BuzzFeed has revealed.) Were you invited?

Trump is trawling for an in-person audience with Facebook ads, like this one shared on Twitter by Marina Rachael, the woman who got served it. She wondered why she'd get it and highlights for us they're looking for 27+ year olds in New York. That's a place that 'hates' him, and a millennial age group he never had the support of, she points out, so perhaps an odd choice for targeting? Also it could mean all areas and age groups are being targeted.

So, back to who's expected at the inaugural -and maybe more reasons why no one wants to go. If you haven't heard, 200 buses have registered. That's a very low turnout, with 1200 registered for the very next day's Women's March in DC.

People paid to be there will be there. 71already creating jobs72

There will be these DisruptJ20 guys and gals.

And these guys, bikers for Trump. They're going to provide human barricades to create 'a safe space'.

BuzzFeed's expose about the fake news about Bikers For Trump show where the images came from. They're not bikers on the move today.

Read the whole thing:

Did Donald Trump invite you to this event? Did you get a Facebook invite? Let us know in the comments.

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