Why I Review Books (II)

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When I was in high school, we read The Catcher in the Rye. Of course we did. It seems like every school in the Western world does, or every school that has enough money to at least pretend to try and #educate (education system reforms is a topic that is way too big and broad to get into, and which will frankly make me too angry to continue writing).

It was assigned in Hebrew, of course, since I studied in #Israel, as I've said, but I read it in English, because as a kid brought up bilingual, I refused to read translations when I didn't have to.

At the end of J. D. Salinger's famous #novel, we know that Holden is sick, and that he's in some kind of hospital and seeing a doctor who sounds like a psychiatrist (or maybe he says the doctor is a psychiatrist? It's been too long since I read this book, but that's not the point). 


I was told that this wasn't the correct interpretation for the test and that it didn't really matter what I thought because if I tried using my answer in the literature Bagrut (Israel's version of a baccalaureate) I'd lose points. There was no debate, no interest in exploring different ways of looking at the novel. There was a correct answer and an incorrect one. We didn't discuss even the simplest of questions:

I was, and still am, infuriated. 

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