Why I Review Books (IV)

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The combination of #learning how to trust my opinions and figuring out how to #research and accept or deny the opinions of others led me to one of the things I am trying (and slowly succeeding) to do for a living: reviewing books.

Reading a book for fun, for myself, is one of the pastimes I sorely miss now that I'm an adult who has to pay bills and figure out how to make her own money. But the fact that so much of my work involves reading is something I can't in good conscience complain about. 

Being privileged enough to read books and review them - the fact that anyone cares what my opinion is, or that I'm even qualified to share those opinions with an audience - is still incredible to me. 

I've reviewed Hanya Yanagihara's A Little Life.

I've reviewed Margaret Atwood's The Heart Goes Last.

I've reviewed a beautiful lit-crit book (and I hadn't delved into one of those in years).

I have also written articles for Broadly about books or their history, characters, authors, etc.

I am currently reading one novel and one collection of short stories to review, have one review of another novel written and awaiting editing, and a collaborative book year to read and review.

By reviewing, I'm allowing myself to go back to that teacher in high school and tell him HA. In reviewing, I am calling attention to different interpretations and ways to think about books. I am hopefully encouraging people to read the books I review, whether my review is good or bad (and they're usually good, because I have a hard time disliking books; it's impossible that there isn't a redeeming feature or at least something fascinating to talk about in any book I review). 

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