Why #Marvel's #Daredevil Is Such A Game-Changer

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Since it's almost a year and two months after Daredevil first premiered on #Netflix on April 10th, 2015, it's entirely possible you've seen it--maybe even multiple times. You know we're applauding your good taste here from our couch. After all, we love it, too. #bingeworthy

Netflix is notoriously secretive about viewership numbers, but toward the end of April 2015, Variety exclusively shared data from Luth Research, a firm that sampled the viewing habits of 2,500 Netflix subscribers watching on computers, tablets, and smartphones. They found that at least 10.7% of subscribers watched at least one episode of Daredevil within the first 11 days after its release. 

Now, they're quick to point out that this doesn't take into account the many viewers watching Netflix directly on their TVs, or streaming to TVs via gaming consoles, Rokus, or other devices.

 2,500 people is also a pretty small sample rate, especially given that an estimated 81 million people are current Netflix subscribers as of April 2016. So really, 2,500 isn't necessarily representative of anything. 

There are a lot of reasons to love this show, but we think the biggest one is this: While it's a brilliant comic book adaptation, it has also singlehandedly fixed what the general viewing public thought was broken with its previous big-screen adaptation. (Which freed #BenAffleck from his 2003 failed superhero chains to go be #Batman--and which is another story for another time.) 

Don't believe us? We know that #RottenTomatoes isn't the only answer to everything, but Marvel's Daredevil: Season One (2015) is currently ranked 98% Fresh, while Daredevil (2003) is 44% rotten. The only other time we've seen a superhero make the massive turnaround from laughingstock to box-office badass was with #ChristopherNolan's #DarkKnight trilogy. 

Being on #Netflix also helped Daredevil to forge its own identity, free from the constraints of the networks or basic cable. Prior to Netflix's existence, that kind of freedom only existed at HBO, Showtime, and Starz--if you were lucky. 

Star #CharlieCox quickly shows you why he's the only true #MattMurdock, and the fight sequences in this show are something previously only seen in groundbreaking films like #ParkChanWook's #Oldboy

Thanks in large part to the #MarvelCinematicUniverse, audiences have come to expect great things from superhero movies. For a long time, they were a terrible joke--which definitely wasn't helped by entries like the previous Daredevil adaptation. 

While #AgentsofSHIELD and #AgentCarter may have existed on #ABC prior to Daredevil hitting Netflix, it's Daredevil that has ushered in a brave new era of storytelling possibilities. Without Daredevil, we wouldn't have other stellar Marvel Netflix fare such as #JessicaJones and the upcoming #LukeCage--not just because they're all stories of complicated heroes from #HellsKitchen, but because Daredevil proved that this method and style of storytelling works extremely well.

This show's momentum doesn't look to be slowing down anytime soon, so be sure to subscribe to this story as we take you back through what we've seen and keep you up-to-date with Daredevil news as it drops.

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