Why Storia is perfect for a Creative Writing Class

My students are freshman high school girls. The hardest part was getting them to just write without fear, which our NaNoWriMo challenge inspired them to do. You see the bones, quite scattered, in the various stories spread through out the two classroom accounts. For my class, I gave a story in Storia for each student. I helped them upload the four parts of their individual stories into moments. Since November, we have been workshopping their pieces to assist with content, action, setting, characters, and of course grammar. All of this could be done on a different platform, like Google Docs, but it's not very appealing. Here's why:

1) Visual Appeal. The way that the stories appear in our account is very visually appealing, and also looks very organized from both the web and app. It sorts better than just scrolling down to find sections and stories.

2) It Breaks Things Up. I have 18 students in each class, and with Storia I can have easily separate each student's work. The stories are further divided into manageable posts that for us I am using as chapters or sections of their story.

3) Easy to Assign Homework I can just assign a post. It also makes it easier for me to grade and edit as well, in small, manageable chunks.

4) It's easy to manage from a phone. I don't know about the rest of you teachers, but my students hate bringing laptops or even tablets to school. Everything is done on their phones nowadays! I hate seeing them squint as they read stuff on thier smartphone screens. But, with the way the Storia app is on the phone, Storia content is very easy to read and work off of. In fact, I myself work on Storia almost exclusively from my iPhone. So, they have no excuse to not do any homework you assign through Storia.

5) We can move things around. Not every part of each person's story is going to make it into our final product. As this project continues, we will start selecting our favorite sections from each story and combine them into one large story. For each class, the characters they are writing about are the same, they are just in different situations. We will select our favorites, then easily repost them to the greater classroom story that we are creating. Kind of like tearing apart a new creation, only to put it back together again as something quite different, yet perfect. These stages can all be illustrated easily to the students, and follows my lesson plans on teaching the editing process perfectly.

As a creative writing teacher, I love how Storia showcases their creativity, yet in an organized way. Instead of just cutting, pasting, and scrolling, through this tool you can break things into manageable, and visually appealing organized chunks. Editing is easy, and adding visuals is a piece of cake.

What next? Well, after we have all the posts/chapters chosen, and we have worked out a cohesive order for our greater story, we work on transitions to make the moments flow. Play around with rising and falling action, things that can be clearly demonstrated by breaking them down into clear scenes.

For creative writing classes, the potential is great, and Storia is the best platform to produce and show your class' content.

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