With only 3 of them left in Paris, time is running out

With only 3 of them left in Paris, time is running out

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The best kept secret in Paris is a prop house near the Bastille and it's the largest one for cinema and theater in Paris, Thousands of objects to make believe with, from the banal to the never-before-seen are cataloged and stored here, it's almost a national treasure.

The world of theatrical props is fascinating for the variety, just like in life of the type and the range of props a store must have to service the theater industry. This Parisian prop house is a 4,000 square meter house and sadly,  one of the last three to survive within the city.

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Can't wait to share my latest Paris discovery with you coming up on the blog this week. Stay tuned ??#Secret #Paris

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Just a hop and skip over the rooftops of #Paris

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