Worst advice ever: try to talk to a woman wearing headphones

This is some next level catcalling.16Relationship expert17 The Modern Man28tips29approaching30

Because there is just something so sexy about a man interrupting our jog or commute to lowkey muscle us into taking our headphones off--

Rather than catcalling from afar, Dan makes sure that the women he catcalls give him their full attention before zeroing in!

If Dan had actual women friends in his life (or, just read a woman’s blog), he’d perhaps be unpleasantly surprised that headphones are often a recommended tool for women to AVOID street harassers. Yup. We like music, sure, but we also like being able to duck out to buy groceries and get home in peace. 

Women also tend to: take a different route home, avoid an entire area, avoid going out at certain times of the day, and feel forced to dress differently in order to avoid #harassment.

We don't know you, Dan, but we know you. You pop out of sidewalk crevices to disrupt our commute. You make us shop elsewhere instead of where we want to shop. You make us cross the street so many times we skip cardio at the gym.

Your article (and your author picture of you holding a faceless woman in your arms) reflects exactly how you feel about women -- that we are not really humans with things to do or places to go, just objects with legs waiting to be talked to.


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