You're A Super User

There should be no bigger power user of your product on the planet than you. It is only by using your own product obsessively (eating your own dog food, as one could say) that you will develop and nurture accurate instincts for the ways in which the product can and should be better. Constant product testing in the wild, in various real-world conditions, is the best possible (if not only) way to see how, where and why your product breaks—and bring that information back to your team. A PM who is constantly reporting issues and redefining the product, is a PM who gains credibility with their team as someone who is passionate, detail-oriented and cares about quality.

 Also, in using the product out there in the world, you get to see how others react to the product and better understand the social context in which people will use and interact with the stuff you’re building. And while you certainly want to collect and listen to feedback from your actual users, not one of your users has the forward vision & strategy for the product that you have, or, maybe your users don't exist yet! More on why Storia is the perfect platform to help you storyboard and refine your ideas, prior to user integration later in this story. So you alone are unique in seeing everything that has come, everything that is and everything that will ever be for your product. It’s all on you. So there is simply no substitute for hardcore and constant product testing, and if you’re a PM who is not obsessed about this, you simply do not care enough about the success of your product.

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