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I met Zeynep in Istanbul at her #atelier after a morning yoga class in Nisantasi.  I saw the #yoga teacher wearing a simple yet unusual #bracelet that was made of gold, #silver and gem stones. She told me she bought it from Zeynep Erol. 

#rock #crystal and #gold

This is one of my favorite rings designed by Zeynep. She helped me choose it. I like the stones' unconventional look and the setting. She said #quartz is good for absorbing negative #energy around me and that I need to 'sage' it every once in a while to renew and clear the stones' aura and energy.

It's made of rose #quartz backed in silver foil to give it an veined effect which I find quite unique. It's set in 18k gold. #quartz 

Another unique design with cut #gem stones. 

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