1. Fairytale palace floating in a lake

Sometimes a #journey is predetermined when you're 10.

Reading The Complete Book of Marvels, adventurer Richard Halliburton's #travel #book for #children, I was enchanted by reading about the Lake Palace in #Udaipur, a pearly white marble #palace of #fairytale splendor that seemingly floated in the middle of a lake.


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Back when that book was written in the 1920s, this palace of gracefully-carved domes, scalloped arches, splashing fountains, courtyards, lotus-filled ponds and glass-inlay mosaics, located on its own island, wasn't a hotel - merely a #wonderoftheworld. 

But as the Taj Lake Palace, it's been India's most romantic #hotel for decades, and one of the world's most extraordinary #hotels - for decades.

(Photos throughout courtesy of the Taj management at Taj Lake Palace and Rambagh Palace)

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