22) Same thing? A Muslim flight attendant refuses to serve alcohol

The inapt comparisons are flying! Torn from this week's headlines: a #flight attendant doesn’t want to serve #alcohol on #religious grounds, gets suspended.

First major distinction here is that the #airline is a #corporation not the #government. 

The rules of governance, literal range and impact of those #laws do not compare nor do the entities historically or otherwise. 

Second, Davis was obstructing a #court order by not doing her job including closing her office and not letting her staff do theirs. She wasn't serving beverages. Not quite the same impact by both women choosing a part of their job to be offended by. 

Third, so no I don't have a personal opinion on the airline lady other than she sounds litigious and I doubt she'll win anything. A private company and how they run it just isn't the state or federal government. 

I still say Kim Davis wasted #tax payers' time and money by not resigning in protest. And as a good, repentant #Christian she ought to pen letters to those #couples congratulating them on their upcoming #nuptials. ???????????????????

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