3) Birds in the hedges, frogs in the pond

3) Birds in the hedges, frogs in the pond

We hid out in the lush heart of the island, at a little guesthouse.

There the hibiscus hedges filled with songbirds. Garden sculptures decorated with fresh flowers. The sound of water tinkling in lily ponds and lotus fountains. 

Ubud is in the center of the island. There the cultural heart of Bali lies. 

Sweet breezes.  It's much cooler here than in the main town of Denpasar.

57You need transport?58

Classical Balinese dance and gamelan concerts and craft shopping, it's all here. Hitting all the restaurants in rice paddies and temples. Everything has a view.

We went on easy hiking trails through fields and forests. Taking in the shocking neon everywhere. White egrets stalking prey, then a surprise vista of distant blue volcanos. 

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