7. If I'd paid attention to details we'd have missed this little slice of heaven

It was a challenging 3.5 km from our #camp to the end of the #exploration road where the route heads up to Paradise Pass. 

With clouds threatening, we made a hasty route change and opted for the easier hike 4.9 km down to Romulus #Campground, up towards Tombstone Pass and back around to Elbow Lake rather than heading over Paradise and out Evan-Thomas as originally planned.

Spending another night down the #trail from the pass, we took the side route in the morning into Tombstone #Lakes. 

So close to Piper Pass and yet, so far!

Yes, I probably should have paid closer attention to the route details before heading out on this adventure, but if I had, I might have objected and missed the chance to circumnavigate Tombstone #Mountain – and this little slice of #heaven.

Total distance travelled: ~39 km

#hiking #adventure #Canada #Rockies #mountains 

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