A Look At Japan's Compact & Efficient Campers

Sometimes small is really more than enough. 

At a time when #environmental awareness is at an all time high, it's hard to drive around our usual American-style big rigs and #supersized camper trailers with a good #conscience anymore.

Just because you are #camping does not mean you can't dine like a civilized person--on seats facing one another:

This high-tech interior features a screen and a kitchen sink!

This one even has a space for a #dog crate for you to take along your #adventuredog--designed to match the interior decor:

Compact, compressed, and #eco-conscious! Sadly, these are only available currently in #Japan. Apparently, according to domestic camper distributors here, America's appetite for big means that the market for compact trailers isn't sufficient for them to import these over.

(All photos from Gizmag)

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