August 2009

For our #honeymoon, my husband and I took off on an adventure of a road trip, with no final destination and endless opportunities ahead. Our last stop in #Canada, after a week driving West through forest and desert (yes, desert), was at The University of British Columbia - the only campus,at least in North America, with its own nude #beach.

The #UBC campus lies on Point Grey, northeast of the Vancouver city center. Wreck Beach is part of the Pacific Spirit Regional Park, a large green space surrounding the campus and separating it from the city and the coast. The #nude beach is at the very edge of this rugged coastal landscape... at the bottom of about 500 wooden stairs.

As we spent our last days in Canada before embarking on our journey, we climbed down these steps in search of some direction. The taste hit me before I could see the waves.

45You're going to Mexico?" the woman with the tray of #brownies asked

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