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The first #BurningMan celebration was held in my #home city of San Francisco more than 27 years ago at Baker #Beach. The now #infamous anti-establishment art and #music festival has grown to huge proportions with #massive #notoriety.

In 2014 when I finally got the chance to answer the call of the #Playa (the name #Burners call the stretch of Nevada’s Black Rock Desert that’s now its home) it drew a crowd of 70,000 including bona fide burners like my friend Grant who has been going for a decade, actors, singers, performers, techies, elite musicians/DJs  and many virgins such as myself.  

Aerial view of Black Rock City, Nevada :

My friend and cohort clowning around by our our RV while we were #stuck in #Reno for a night. Due to heavy #rains, the road to Black Rock City from Gerlach, NV was closed by the authorities for 24 hours. We were able to leave the next day, Tuesday. 

My #girlfriends, H and K, my companions for one week. K took over the driving duty in Reno. I drove from San Francisco to Reno with a rest stop in Tahoe. 

The mandatory bell for #virgins which I of course gladly rang. 

Hello #playa, hello Robot Heart! We got excited as soon as we saw the #heart of the #robot hoisted by a crane as we were about to turn the corner toward our camp. We actually fortuitously found a spot right at the camp was called Disco Shit at Darjeeling and 9:45 across the street from the RVs where my DJ friends Hernan and Nick and Nick's lovely fiancee, Petra were at #WhiteOcean camp! Naturally it was loud from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. I wore my earplugs most of the time. 

White Ocean #camp

The #lineup of DJ's playing at White Ocean camp. #spraypainted on one side of a #container. #cool

My eyes focused on the lower side #HernanCattaneo #NickWarren #WhiteOcean #BurningMan #fivehourset #whoooh

Come nighttime, we got on our bikes and headed for The #Man. 

#Superstar British DJ Nick Warren who was playing back-to-back with another superstar DJ, Hernan Cattaneo at #WhiteOcean sound camp. #nickwarren #hernancattaneo #whiteocean 

I had the privilege of going with Petra into the 'cage' high above overlooking the deep playa where Nick and Hernan were playing from. I took this pic toward the end of their set at 7:45 a.m.

At the end of their 5-hour set that was truly an amazing and #unique experience! Thank you #hernanandnick  

I wore my silver and gray custom #faux #fur vest and donned my hat with #blacklace and #feathers. I had to put on my leggings under my skirt! It was very cold in the evenings until the sun warmed us up. #playaattire. 

With #friends from San Francisco and LA 

It was quiet at the corner of Darjeeling and 10:00 when I went back to the RV to get my friend to come out and #dance before Hernan and Nick's set was over. 

My dear friend Petra and I were #reunited. We were so happy to be in the playa together and neighbors too! 

#bridezilla lounge which we found as we were biking around on the other side 

#pinkmammoth with my RV buddies and #goodfriends

#distrikt sound camp #favorite sunset spot

#sunrise at the deep playa during #robotheart


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