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This is considered a 4-star #hotel but I never had to bring my own towels before at any 4-star hotel I've stayed in. Anyway, I had to book this through a local travel agency since this hotel is mainly booked through/by British tour operators. Needless to say, my ex-boyfriend and I were the only non-Brit guest.

Nevertheless I chose this for its nice location in lush, landscaped gardens and it's right on the beach. The room was clean and well maintained in a pavilion type wing off the main reception area. The service was good, the food was actually good with a fantastic Southeast Asian buffet on a weekend night. I was amazed to see Thai food being cooked on the premises by the #chef. 

There's also hukka pipes for those who want to partake of #nargile by the pool in the evenings or in the coffee place which has its own traditional type pavilion. 

There is also a gym but sadly, there are hardly any good machines in there and it is not air conditioned. Also, towels are not available poolside. Basically it's bring your own towels. The pool has a decent restaurant that served good salads and sandwiches.

I would stay there again (it's right on the Oludeniz #beach) but I do want to check out Hillside Beach Club on the other side of #Fethiye next time.


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