Former island of dreams becomes a street art Utopia

There's a secret art treasure in Djerba, Tunisia waiting to be discovered. Colorful murals, intriguing calligraphy & art that was once taboo, now adorns the ancient walls. 

Parisian artist Ben Cheikh is passionate about graffiti, usually considered a form of vandalism by the locals. 

Cheikh, who lives in Paris, convinced the town that in creating Djerbahood, the first such large scale permanent street art project in the world would bring tourists & money. 

Art tourism has brought visitors from around the world.

The artists come to explore Tunisian culture and their art - often political or social commentary - opens discussion and brings locals a bigger world view.

150 artists from over 30 different countries created art on the village walls.

Graffiti and ancient folklore mingles in the Tunisian desert. 

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