Going on a Trip? Reasons to Take the Train!

There are many ways to travel. There’s driving, taking a train, taking a bus, flying in an airplane, riding a bicycle, sailing in a boat or even the good ol’ method of walking. While each method has its pros and cons, when it comes to getting from point A to point B, I’m personally a huge fan of taking the train. Here are a few reasons to consider taking the the choo choo when planning your next trip:

1. Depending on where you are going, it can be the fastest option.

Of course it depends on distance, traffic and the number of stops, but sometimes travel by train is the absolute fastest way to get to your intended destination. For instance, if you’re traveling from New York City to Philadelphia, Boston or Washington, D.C., this is definitely the case. Going from Penn Station in New York to Union Station in D.C. can be just under three hours. Even with zero traffic, that’s just not possible via car, and it’s even quicker than flying when you take into account the travel time in and out of the airports. This particular train route via Amtrak leaves right from the heart of New York City and drops you off right in the heart of D.C. No question it’s the best way to arrive right in the middle of each city in the shortest amount of time.

2. You can be more productive on the train.

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Since you don’t have to drive and pay attention to the road, you’re free to use your energy to focus on getting work done while you travel. You can catch up on sleep, read, write, work on a laptop, phone or smart pad and do real business. Also, the train is a very smooth ride, so there’s no turbulence or jumpy takeoff or landing like in an airplane, which might make it a bit easier to focus.

3. This country is so scenic.

Of course no matter how you travel, you’re going to see scenery, but trains can sometimes travel along more interesting routes than cars. There are so many awesome scenic train rides all throughout the United States (and other countries) and travelers can be taken through woods, mountains and alongside rivers and lakes. These types of views aren’t always as good with other modes of transportation.

4. You can meet people on the train.

The train is a great way to meet people. The long seats and communal table options can put travelers in just the right mood for casual conversation. At airports, many people are frustrated with long lines, security checks and tight fits in their seats

5. Train travel is great for the environment.

Trains are an excellent way to travel if you’re an environmentalist. A double decker train can carry over one thousand people, making it an efficient way to transport big groups of people. One stat even says that a train uses up to 70 percent less energy and causes 85 percent less air pollution than a jet aircraft. Helping to decrease the environmental impact of travel brings almost as much peace of mind as the beautiful scenery. Now, go book a ticket.


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