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Dalt Vila, Eivissa old town

Dalt Vila sits atop this hill in Eivissa town. Late in the afternoon, a ceremony is held where a cannon is fired from the fortress. I did not make it all the way up but I meandered inside the old walls and checked out the #shops and #restaurants.

The scene by Sa Trincha, Ses Salinas - Ibiza

A very #popular and scenic beach, Ses Salinas (salt) draws both locals and #tourists alike. There are 3 places on the main #beach starting with the very upmarket Malibu (my favorite), Jockey Club then Sa Trincha. I had lunch at Malibu and sipped drinks by Sa Trincha. The #music was cool and the ambiance was #hippie-ish. It seems that the food was ok but I was not able to try it. I went back to Ses Salinas but again hung out at Malibu.

AIf you feel like dancing at 3 am, pick a place.

Armada party at Amnesia, one of the clubs in Ibiza. 

There are many #clubs/parties #Ibiza is notorious for. Whatever you do, don't drink and drive! In July, there were tons of people many of whom were #Brits. I suspect packages are a dime a dozen from neighboring EU countries so every place was crowded. Club-wise, Pacha, Amnesia, Space, El Divino to name a few. I personally chose the #parties I wanted to go to based on the #DJ lineup but that's just me. I went there to see them and #dance to their sets! I checked out other parties too - La Troya among them which was fun despite many people dressed in drag. Unless you've booked a table, you're in the #VIP list or you're a guest of the establishment or the DJ, expect to pay 50 Euros for entry. I was in the company of a well-connected local dance #diva so we bypassed lines everywhere we went. We totally rocked each place and had the best time! I went to some parties including a local favorite, Flower Power + Armada, Defected in the House and Renaissance with Sasha and my favorite DJ, #HernanCattaneo on the decks. Hernan and I turned out to be on the same plane to #Barcelona the next morning after the party!

Pros: Beautiful scenery around the #island at different vantage points

Cons: Some places are too commercial, accomodation prices too high in July

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