Hugom in San Juan Batangas, Philippines

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Hugom is a barrio by the beach where my brother Jon and I used to frequent on weekends with our parents.  I remember playing in the sand and swimming in the azure sea watched by our nannies. We heard and saw the the wild monkeys high above the trees. My brother snuck out one afternoon and tried to catch one! The monkeys were too agile and swift,

 There were no resorts then. Cousins of my father owned these sprawling seaside estates one of which was Hugom.  It was very different when I went back there in 2011 and in 2013 with my family members. The Marasigan estate is still owned by the same family, now a resort called La Luz. The Perez estate has been sold and divided. There are now hotels and similar smaller establishments lining the shore. Sadly, we didn't see nor hear the monkeys at all. I wonder what happened to them? They must have been driven deep into the forest with all the development in this once wild beachfront.

We enjoyed our time in and out of the familiar waters where we swam, kayaked, floated, snorkeled and explored in a glass-bottomed boat for sea life but most of all we had a wonderful bonding experience in these special places we all remember fondly, Hugom and Laiya. 

My niece took refuge in the shade #native #hut

I did as well as I caught up on my reading.

Angela was tired from walking along the shore so she sat down and pretended to be a #mermaid.

La Luz resort in Hugom, San Juan, Batangas. 

My brother Fernando out there in the pontoon. He's a strong swimmer with a wing span of nearly 7 feet! 

We had merienda or afternoon tea at nearby Acuatico. 

Beautiful #sunset

Angela posed first then swam in the #infinity #pool. 

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