In Italy, the good life means eating regionally ??

The Slow philosophy isn't about doing everything slowly but about quality over quantity. Classic good food always expresses itself best in local cuisine & Italy is a prime example.

Opposed to the fast food culture, slow food encourages the enjoyment of regional produce, traditional foods, often grown organically and aims to defend agricultural biodiversity.

Elizabeth Minchili is an American food blogger in Italy & has her personal list of favorites for regional Italian foods. She's created an app that is regularly used by tourists in the know.

Coffee culture in Trieste begins and ends here. #travelerintrieste

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Foodies say you can discover a lot about a region's history and landscape from its special sauces, especially in Italy.

Regionality in Italy extends deep into the food culture of the country, and some of these products and methods are slowly being exported and utilized outside Italy.

Friuli for instance has a hybrid cooking culture, as you might expect from a region at the corner of the Italic, Slavic and Germanic worlds, with a landscape spanning the sea, karst and high Alps.

Carnaroli and Arborio varieties used for famous Risotto Milanese is grown up north and wheat and olive oil are produced in abundance in southern Puglia, a top region that lures vegetarians.

The contrast between sweet and salty that typically comes from Moroccan cuisine is a strong influence in Sicily while Tuscany's food heritage is rooted in farming traditions.

What's the most delicious regional Italian dish you've tried?


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