It must be great to be a millionaire. They even have their own Airbnb

Seriously, where do you think Beyoncé finds the amazing places she rents for family to spend the holidays in the Caribbean? Rich and famous people have to avoid paparazzi, so hotel rooms aren’t usually a good option for vacation. Their problems are solved. Now they have the 3RD Home, a luxury home exchange club. It’s like an Airbnb for millionaires. Fair enough. The only difference is that it requires the member to own a several-million-dollar mansion in order to be able to rent the ones from other members. Fair enough (2).

We are talking about deconcierge service - have no idea what they are talking about -, butlers and all kinds of household included in the price of the rent. And nobody is afraid to see their property ruined because of the high guarantee they need to become a member.

For example, someone - only really rich ones, sorry! - can rent a humble seven-bedroom maison in the bucolic England.

If you’re this rich, you can also take the kids to Disneyland and spend your evenings in a simple house by a lake after your go around the theme park during the day. This pool is simply essential for the goal of relaxing, by the way.

And if you go to France, make sure you stay in this small 16th century 13-bedroom chateau (!!!), fully renovated of course, in Crozon su Vauvre, in the heart of the country. It’s a couple minutes away from Paris. By HELICOPTER. I won’t be able to go this year because I have other plans, but maybe another time.

France, by the way, is a country full of these fantastic options. And for several different (rich) tastes. Like this petit chateau in Monferrier at St. Geyrac. Cute!

I already invited my girlfriend to spend some time in this humble property in Loggos, Greece. It’s definitely worth for this private beach, don’t you think? Because the house is not so big, only six bedrooms. WHERE AM I GOING TO PUT OUR LUGGAGE?

Of course Turks and Caicos can become an excellent option. This cute little house with four suites has a private deck over the pool and sea. Why not?

Well, some people don’t like beaches. In that case, the atmosphere at Perugia, northern Italy, may be enough. Some think it’s too monotonous. I wouldn’t mind, to be honest.

And we’ll always have Paris!

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