Wanderlust ✈️ 4 years ago

9stop and smell the roses10

I was visiting a gas station that I frequent on my morning route to work. I was in a rush, like always and had a million things on my mind. As I waited for the beautiful girl to finish paying and move along, I stopped to notice what was actually happening. All of a sudden I realized what gas stations can teach you about love.

I stopped thinking for a moment and focused in on life and the amazing things that happen in our lives. That wasn't any girl and it surely wasn't just any customer. I noticed the cashier was smiling a smile that seemed all too familiar. It wasn't a quick, friendly was a smile that wouldn't and couldn't be wiped from his face. 

She had long straight hair...beautiful brown eyes...a haunting smile that stretched out those big lips ever so slightly. She had a little girl with her which was the cutest little angel I'd ever seen.  She giggled about something she said and he smiled. As she left, she told him to “Not work too hard” and she called him “Beautiful”.

Her smile and the glow in her face was amazing. We’ve all had that feeling, it’s hard to even put it into words. But somehow, I felt it with her. Her happiness and love reminded me of how amazing life is. To be in love is one of the most amazing feelings ever experienced. It instantly bought back so many good memories. I remember feeling that way numerous times when I met a girl for the first time. I remember feeling that intense emotion and the endless possibilities of a future with each and every one of them.

I'm still not married and those feelings are few and far between. I spent this past month focused on me and what I needed to get done and forgot about feelings in general. Feeling is a part of life- letting simple things like asking how her day went slip by is unacceptable. It's not exactly the love story that I had once dreamed about.

Marriage isn’t boring but it also isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. I’ve said and done things that have been hurtful, like many men do. When you fantasize about your future, you rarely imagine the negatives. My life is actually far better than I could have ever dreamed.

When does that feeling stop? Why does it have to stop or does it have to stop at all? As I think about my own personal life, I can't figure out when I stopped getting butterflies for any girlfriend I had. I think the most important question is why I let myself stop having those feelings. Maybe life just got too busy and I overlooked something extremely important. I became too comfortable in my relationships and took it all for granted.

It’s amazing how something so small can make your brain take a rest for a moment to realize something magical. “Stop and smell the roses” has been used so many times that it doesn’t have much meaning anymore. But in reality, we have all forgotten how much in love we really are.

Many people are career-focused and pay little attention to what is around them. There is so much more to life than work. Without your health, you have nothing. Without love, you have nothing. Take time to appreciate your life and the people in it. One day they may be gone...

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