Mount Hood, Timberline Lodge

Mount Hood, Timberline Lodge

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Oregon State is famous for its diverse nature from the long beaches at the Pacific Ocean to the wild nature around the forests, big lakes and old volcanoes.

One of the places to see is Mount Hood - the highest volcano in the state that is still considered potentially active. If you drive by car, there is a very beautiful scenic rout that goes there along the Columbia River Gorge.


From the Portland metropolitan area, you drive to Mount Hood via the valley cut in the Cascade Mountains by the Columbia River. Locals call this long valley “the Gorge.”


The Lodge was built in the late 1930s as a state-funded project employing citizens who were left without a job during the time of the Great Depression. It took regular construction workers about 15 months to complete the construction mostly by hand using local material like timber and stone including all the crafted furniture and decorations inside.

The Timberline Lodge is best known as a ski resort and is probably a very cozy place to visit for a long winter weekend: ski during the day and then spend the evening by the fireplace inside. Some of its rooms even have fireplaces!

To get to the top of Mount Hood during the summer, you can either use the Timberline Trail or enjoy a quick ride with great views on one of the ski resort’s chairlifts.

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