Today we arrived in Moscow and we had a tour of the Kremlin. It was fascinating, historically and politically, to see the building that Putin worked in and to stand in the middle of cathedral square looking around at all the beautiful ornate cathedrals. We went back to red square and it was wonderful seeing it not in the rain like the beginning of our trip. It was beautiful and we ran around the ГУМ mall and took ridiculous pictures (as we do). This wonderful fountain was in the mall (which was huge with three floors and had a bunch of fancy upscale imported shops). Маша, Рома & Катя from the real Russia camp came to visit us and walk with us.

We went on the Moscow metro-- which more feet pass through each day than the gates of Disney land-- and it was both beautiful and terrifying because it goes deep deep down into the ground and the escalators are super high and I'm afraid of heights. We had dinner at a nice outdoor cafe and then we walked around the city until I was sure my feet would fall off of my legs. moscow is the most beautiful night city I have ever been to. We walked across two bridges on the Moscow river and the entire city was lit up. At one bridge a man was playing a harp-like instrument and the delicate notes resonated throughout the water. We ran through the fountains at the Central Park and then we joined an impromptu dance and yoga session on the stage. Cities change at night and Moscow is a great example-- it really comes alive. I don't want to leave this place.

At night a bunch of people came into my hotel room and we watched horror movies until 3 AM. It wasn't that scary (we watched It Follows) but it was fun.


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