Road trip ?

I recently drove a car down from London to was an epic 3 day journey, with breathtaking views, great food and a feeling of total and utter freedom! I haven't been on a road trip like this in years ?☺

London ??

Westminster Abbey ??

The next day, I got up and drove the old lady to Folkestone where the Euro Tunnel train departs every hour. I was tired and fell asleep the minute I parked behind this car?

30 or so minutes later, there's a knock at my window. It's the inspector telling me to get ready to drive the car out of the wagon as we were arriving in Calais ??.

From Calais I drove on to Reims ??, pictured below. It's the home of Champagne and the scenery is stunning .

Reims ??

After a night spent in Reims, I got into the car and drove down towards the Swiss border which is a little after the town of Besançon. I found the cutest little bakery here and bought one of the best quiches I ever had!

Arrived in Montreux at 6 pm after a long day. Stayed at the Montreux Palace hotel which is a great place with stunning views.

I had to get up at 7 am the next day to take the car to my friend's place Nicola. He's the best mechanic and I've known him since the very early years when I used to bring him all types of silly little cars! Mostly Fiat 500's? We used to tune them so much and we called them pocket rockets

Vibrations fixed...almost?

Grand Saint Bernard Pass ??

The rice fields of Alessandria, practically the birth place of risotto in Italy ?? Love this area.

1'500kms later! Home sweet home ?

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