The benefits of riding everywhere

The benefits of riding everywhere

In some ways, simply hopping on your bike and riding wherever you want to go is easier in terms of packing. You might have less space, but in general you know exactly what to expect. You know from the start what your packing capacity is.

For example, you might have panniers or saddlebags, in which case you already know what those can handle. Maybe you also have a top box, or you have a luggage rack and have purchased a big bag that you can pack and strap to that luggage rack. Maybe you have a full toolkit tucked into a tiny and improbable space under the seat. Or maybe you just have a backpack, a wallet, a cell phone, and some credit cards. You do you.

The nice thing about this method of travel is that you're already wearing your gear. You don't have to worry about packing it, or whether your helmet will really be safe on the plane. You don't have to worry about whether your precious gear will get lost if you check it, potentially ruining your motorcycle time.

If you're planning to stay in hotels, of course, you can skip the sleeping bag and tent. But if you're planning to attend outdoor events, or spend any time in the wilderness, you'll still want things like bug spray, sunscreen, and a good sun hat. Likewise, if you're traveling somewhere cold and you think you'll be spending any time at all off the bike, you'll probably want some gloves and a warm hat.

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