The white beach everyone raves about Boracay Island

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North side of White beach

I chose theNorth end which is quieter and prettier. Fridays Resort, a popular spot with Asian neighbors and Filipinos alike is close by. They serve great #cocktails, so I was told. Pearl of the Pacific (where we stayed) is a bit run-down and food was disappointing. The place where we wanted to stay, luxe Nami up on the hill was fully booked sadly. My sister and her hubby spent their #honeymoon there. The white #beach is white but according to my sister who visited for the 5th time, it was much brighter back in 1990.  I've never seen finer #sand than here in #Boracay! Awesome!

I'll take that native #hammock or duyan. A perfect siesta spot - #Boracay Island

My #sister Veronica came here to #dive at Yapak many years ago. She says the water wasn't so clear at nearly 30 meters. I happily shopped at D'Mall of Bora while she was down under. We watched this spectacular #sunset from the Pearl of the #Pacific beach.With #cocktails of course. 

#Sandcastles and their talented creators. Can you see how #white the sand is? It's even whiter when you actually see it on the beach! Check out the background!

Young boys and girls build awesome turreted castles that they light up at night for everyone's #enjoyment at the beach. #Waves come in at high tide each night and wipe them away so they have to be rebuilt the next afternoon! This must be why they have mastered their craft. #dailytask #masterbuilders 

Night life at Hey Jude

Hey Jude used to be a bar with a cool #groovy #vibe  outdoor seating with live #music, friendly staff. Now it's a full on resort: 

Dress Code: casual

Pros: beautiful island, friendly #people


In a nutshell: idyllic island #retreat or #party place depending on your preference

#Philippines #travel #Boracay #whitestsand #friendlyhappypeople


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