These Photographs Add A Splash of Green To Mongolia's Desertification

Traditional Mongolian culture is highly nomadic. In recent times, up to 25% of Mongolians are still nomadic, even though modern nomadic life is increasingly difficult due to land decline.

South Korean photographer Daesung Lee wanted to capture some sense of Mongolia's increasing desertification, with its rapid disappearance of rivers and green areas. 

By creating sharp contrasts between a greener Mongolia against a backdrop of current, arid, desert-y Mongolia, Lee's work highlights the consequences of climate change and creates a stark effect of loss.

According to Outside Magazine, Lee's shoot was facilitated in part by Green Asia, a Korean non-governmental organization that plants trees in the barren areas of Mongolia. 

Some of the nomadic subjects featured in the shoot have also since been hired by Green Asia to continue working on planting trees and conservation.

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