Traveling Has More health Benefits Than You Think

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Traveling is either something you absolutely love or something you think you need to do more of. Sure it requires two very important things, time and money, but traveling gives you a chance to explore the world.

There is no better feeling than packing a bag, boarding a plane and landing in a new city. You get to experience a culture unlike your own even if it’s flying to different cities in the U.S. Every place is unique.

There are so many positive things associated with traveling, such as new experiences, getting to know yourself better, and opening your mind, but did you know there are health benefits associated with traveling?

It makes you more active

Traveling increases your overall physical activity. When you travel you often spend a good amount of time walking around and exploring your destination. We all know that we walk more while traveling compared to any day in our everyday life and we have the Apple health app to show for that! 18,000 steps in one day? When you’re traveling that’s no big deal, but when you’re home, well it’s kind of a big deal.

Affects your mood

Traveling makes you happier, it’s that simple. According to Psychology Today, those who returned from a trip showed an increase in openness to experience, agreeableness, and emotional stability compared to those who didn't travel.

The chance of heart disease decreases

Yes, those who travel have been shown to be less prone to heart diseases. A study done on 12,000 men found that 30% were less likely to die from heart disease if they traveled once a year. Another study found that individuals who didn’t travel were twice as likely to have a heart attack. So when are you planning your next trip?

Reduces depression and stress

Traveling has been known to reduce both depression and stress. Another great reason to pack your bags, buy a plane ticket and go explore a new city! In terms of stress, it has been reported that after a day or two, 89% of people saw significant drops in stress. If traveling reduces stress, why don’t we do more of it? Traveling allows you to enjoy the world around you, thus reducing depression. It gives you the opportunity to get away from your everyday external stressors and be free.

Increases brain health

Traveling allows you to meet new people, see the world, and focus on yourself. People who travel are also allowing their brain to be healthier because they’re becoming more culturally aware and increasing their cognitive flexibility. Travel has been known to ignite the creativity in your mind, allowing you to be a more well-rounded person.

All of these health benefits associated with traveling will only help you throughout your life. What better way is there to become a better version of yourself? Stop stressing about work, and the world around you and plan a trip. Your brain and body will thank you!

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