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I burn calories by walking, taking the stairs and moving my body. It's always good to stretch in the end. 

I walked all over Monaco. I also ran one day to the marina and back up to the casino area. 

Amstelveen. These boots were made for walking and dancing at Dance Valley that day. It rained cats and dogs which soaked the ground but thankfully I was dry in 'em boots. 

Walking tour of the castle in Rhodes Greece World Heritage Site

Walked all over the medieval town of Rhodes. A favorite spot, the famous fountain at Hippocrates Square. 

While walking around Symi this little gem of an island in Greece near Turkey, I met these two amazing women. A bought a handcrafted necklace and a few souvenirs from the sea at their cool shop. 

I was luckily chaffeur-driven from Dubrovnik to Montenegro but insisted on making stops to capture images of picturesque villages and castles. I also danced to Hernan Cattaneo's 5-hour set in a cool beach club in the Tivat riviera. 

Walking around Twin Peaks in San Francisco with a friend's sister visiting from the Philippines.

Clowning around Treasure Island at a music festival with the magnificent city view of San Fran. Imposing figure behind be is from Burning Man. She's supercool don't you think? 

Golden Gate Bridge I love hiking in this area leading toward the bridge from Crissy Field up a hundred steps and through the tunnel and walking across to Marin County. 

Perambulating in Rodos. 

Exploring Dubrovnik. 

My beloved city of Istanbul near Rumeli Hisari and the bridge that spans Europe and Asia with the storied waters of the Bosphorus strait below. 

Checking out San Diego's north county shoreline. 

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