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If you’re like us, you're starting to get the vacation itch. We've all know what it is and usually get it once or twice a year. But, see, there is this little thing called work that doesn't necessarily allow you to take vacation whenever you’d like. So you have to think about other ways to scratch that itch. And guess what? We got some ideas for you if you live in the greater New York area.

Here are some places you can visit for a weekend vacation:

D.C. (Estimated price: $600-$700 for two)

The White House. Throw eggs at it. It’ll make the trip so worth it. Kidding.

Philly (Estimated price: $300-$400 for two)

Philly cheesesteaks, South Street and really cool vibes. This place would be great weekend getaway and it’s not that far away from NYC.

Boston (Estimated price: $500-$600 for two)

Boston is known as a miniature version of NYC. It has great food, a lovely seaport and a great shopping area aka Newbury Street.

The Hamptons (Estimated price: $400-$500 for two)

The Hamptons are not only for parties during Labor Day weekend. The beach and relaxation is the perfect weekend trip to get your mind off things.

Newport, RI (Estimated price: $500-$600 for two)

This is about a four and a half hour drive, but this town has some really great restaurants and nice inns to spend your time relaxing.

Cape Cod (Estimated price: $500-$600 for two)

Fishing, nature walks and clam chowder. You get the gist. 

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