What Your New Year's Eve Plans Say About You

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Will you be out 'til dawn or in bed by 9?

Few holidays present the pressure to HAVE THE BEST TIME EVER like New Year’s Eve. It’s the end of the year, so, naturally, there are people who want to let loose and go a little wild (especially after a year like 2016), but still, there are those who just want to have a chill night and not make such a thing of December 31. Noise makers need not apply.

Are you a sparkly dress and cat-eye kind of girl on New Year’s? Or more of a laid-back dude who’d rather eat a box of glass than brave the inebriated crowds? Read on to find out what your New Year’s Eve plans say about you.

1. The All-Out Blow-Out Bash

If few years pass when you’re not decked out to the nines and glugging champagne while getting ready on December 31, odds are you’re a party animal at heart. It’s in your blood. You’ve always been the life of the soiree and now that you’re a little older, same deal goes. You don’t understand people who “want a quiet night in” on New Year’s and can’t deny the fact that you often try to recruit them to the party side. At your core, you’re an optimist who can turn any situation into a good time—especially if there’s wine.

2. The Netflix Marathon

If your ideal New Year’s consists of season one of Black Mirror and a coffee table full of appetizers, you’re likely over it. While you certainly still enjoy a good party, you just can’t get behind the idea of getting gussied up and shelling out boatloads of cash to stand around in a room full of semi-strangers, sipping watered-down cocktails. No thanks. You’ve never been one for big bashes and that goes double for NYE. You’d much rather fill up on tapas and beer in the comfort of your own home with the ones you love—in sweats.

3. The Traveling New Year’s Eve

If you routinely find yourself on a plane, train, or automobile when the ball drops, there’s a good chance that you could not possibly care less about New Year’s Eve. In fact, to you, it’s just another day that’s blown way out of proportion by people who are just looking for an excuse to get hammered. If you’re awake when the clock strikes 12, whatever. If you’re asleep, even better. The only thing on your mind is whether or not Delta lost your luggage again.

4. The Last-Minute Plan Maker

You like to go out on New Year’s Eve, but you refuse to make plans any earlier than the morning of. Your reasoning? Everything is so much more fun when it’s impromptu. That way, there’s no building up of how great things are going to be in your head. You want to just show up at a party or gathering and go from there. (Also, you can’t lie—you kinda want to see what the best plans are out there. #sorrynotsorry)

5. The Family Party

You love New Year’s and you love your family, so duh, why wouldn’t you combine the two? Every year, you celebrate the new year with your parents and siblings, or your kids of your own (or both). Overall, the night is pretty G-rated (PG, if you’re feeling nasty), and you wake up feeling refreshed, grateful, and ready to take on the new year. And OK, fine, you’d be lying if you said you didn’t feel a little bit smug towards your so-hung-over-they-can’t-get-out-of-bed friends. 

Image via Anthony Quintano/Flickr

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