Yoo-hoo, Mr Trump! America 1st, OK, but can Netherlands be 2nd?

The Netherlands heard Mr Trump's speech and wants to get along better! Watch this absolutely fantastic video. Fantastic.

A little history of Holland...

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Dutch is the best language. 

The Netherlands built the biggest ocean between them and Mexico.

They got Mexico to pay.

Netherlands has a disabled politician Donald Trump will want to know about.

...and 186got the best tax evasion system god ever created.187

They've also got the best pony park in the world with the most obliging ponies.

Netherlands says if the US leaves NATO, it'll make their problems bigger. That's why this fantastic video is so important.

As a reminder, this country has the best miniature town in the world, where everything's tiny and there are no people. 

So Mr Trump, would it be OK if America's First, and The Netherlands is second?

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