Hope Street: How I navigated my way through homelessness (Part IV)

Hope Street: How I navigated my way through homelessness (Part IV)

John Smith 2 years ago

In this five-part editorial series on Storia, one writer presents an honest, hard-hitting, enlightening look at living on the street. Sometimes, without an address, all you have is hope.

Part IV: The Law of Attraction and homelessness

Retrospect is wonderful, isn't it? 

When I'm deeply honest with myself, it causes me to think about what my role is in bringing situations to my life. We are all powerful beings, beyond measure. What we think and what we do has a profound effect on our lives, like it or not. So, why not use that to our advantage? Even people like me who have a habit of sometimes thinking the worse can turn things around.

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Many people who are homeless don't ever work themselves all the way through. Many stay in Anger. Many stay in Depression. Whether homeless or not, Depression can keep you down unless you discipline yourself inside. When you have a lot of other homeless people you see on a daily basis, you must find a way to rise above that feeling that nothing is ever going to get better. It takes inner strength.

Being Stripped Bare

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