Is your dog Einstein or Dopey?

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Is your dog as smart as a whip or a little on the slow side?

As dog owners, we all want to believe that our canine is the smartest, most loyal pet in the whole wide world, and we should. But not all dogs are created equal.

Like humans, dogs come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. Some love to learn new skills, while others are more about their play. Some are more confident, some are shy, and some are just there to love.

They also have different mental capacities, and the fact is that some dogs are just a little smarter than others.

So how do you determine how smart your dog is? You can start by running a few simple tests.

These tests will help to gauge your dog’s memory, reasoning skills and their adaptability to change. Give them a try and see where your dog’s strengths lie.

Test #1

Find a large and loose towel and place it over your dog’s head. Now stand back and see how long it takes for him to escape. The smartest dogs will be able to extricate themselves within 1 to 15 seconds, average dogs will get if off within 30, and if the dog has no success at all, then he would achieve the lowest score.

Test #2

Choose a time when you wouldn't ordinarily take your dog for a walk. While he is watching, quietly pick up your keys and grab his leash. If he gets excited and automatically knows that it is time for a walk, then you’ve got a smart dog. If you have to get to the door before the dog realizes that you plan to leave, then you have an average dog. The lowest score would be given to the dog who stays in place, confused and unmoving.

Test #3

This test will gauge your dog's problem solving skills. With your dog watching, take his favorite treat and put it under a chair or table that is so low that the dog can only fit his paw underneath. Now watch.

If your dog gets the treat in under a minute by simply using his paw, then congratulations, you have yourself a quick-witted dog. An average dog will take a little longer and use both his paw and his nuzzle. If your dog only attempts to retrieve the treat using his muzzle but gives up soon after, your dog receives the lowest score.

These three simple tests will help you to begin to determine if your dog is Einstein or dopey, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a ton of fun exercises online that help to understand your dog’s noggin.

Not only will these tests be helpful but they will also give you and your dog some fun times together. No matter how smart they turn out to be, give them the love and appreciation that they deserve and they will never let you down!

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