Mysterious New Construction Sighted On ‘Game of Thrones' Set in Belfast

Mysterious New Construction Sighted On ‘Game of Thrones' Set in Belfast

Recently released photos reveal a mysterious structure being built for the popular HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones. It was spotted on one of the sets for its highly anticipated eighth and final season.

The much-discussed upcoming season of GoT, which should air sometime late next year or in early 2019, has been shooting around Belfast, Northern Ireland, where cast and crew have been frequently sighted. This new construction, of special interest to fans, is located on the filming site Titanic Quarter, near one of the major GoT production studios Paint Hall Studios.

(Production of course will shut down briefly for a day, for the wedding of star Kit Harrington, a.k.a. Jon Snow, and former GoT star Rose Leslie, who played his love interest Ygritte.)

Apparently, at first this particular set drew little attention as its past smaller size led fans to believe it was an extension of another, more important, battlefield or castle interior. However, now it is thought to be a more significant construction on which a possibly integral scene will be shot.

Mysterious New Construction Sighted On ‘Game of Thrones' Set in Belfast

“Previously, this new construction only included some sort of defensive wall with a staircase leading to the top and a windowed wall with a gate. We didn’t know how these pieces would connect, or even if they would, but now it’s become clear they not only do connect but they are, in fact, but a small part of a much larger complex, which as far as I can tell is only rivalled in size by the Winterfell set in Moneyglass,” reports the fan site Watchers on the Wall.

Fans are speculating on social media as to what the new construction could be and, more specifically, which battle will take place there and whose life will be lost therein? Will the fight be between the allies of rival queens Cersei and Daenerys, for example? Or will it be the setting for a major battle between the white walkers and the human army led by Jon Snow (now revealed as Aerys Targaryen)?

Perhaps it will be the setting of a major flashback? Or the final home of the still-standing queens, kings, knights, right hands, confidants, and all the other players in the GoT world.

“So the set consists of two discrete sections with a gap in the middle. Odds are that it’s a castle, and that the gap is a gate. But which castle? Winterfell has its own set at Moneyglass, so it’s probably not that. The Red Keep? The Eyrie? Storm’s End? Something else? The set has yet to be finished, so it’s still too early to tell,” reports another fan site Winter is Coming.

“Whatever it ends up being, the set is freaking huge, beyond anything the production has built before. It’s the final season, so they might as well go big.”

Winter is Coming also singles out an object near the construction that appears to be a “trebuchet”—a medieval weapon for firing missiles such as large stones. This substantiates the hypothesis that perhaps this will be the site of a mass-scale battle.

GoT is planning for a six-episode final season, with each installment being of feature length. Fans will expect the high production levels of the most realistic and acclaimed action films. To deliver, HBO will indeed need these fantastic, colossal constructions. We will have to wait and see if GoT can meet the even more massive viewer expectations.

Photo Credit: Netflix