Orban Achieves Landslide In Hungary Polls

Orban Achieves Landslide In Hungary Polls

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's decisive victory in parliamentary elections will likely give him sweeping powers to reshape the country and ring alarm bells in other European Union capitals.

CNN reports that with 98 percent of the vote counted by Monday, the coalition led by Orban's ruling party, Fidesz, was projected to win 133 seats out of the 199 seats in Parliament, according to the country's National Election Office. The result would grant Orban's government a "supermajority," giving it the power to amend the constitution.

The Fidesz-led coalition took 49 percent of the national list votes, trouncing the liberal opposition, which had failed to put up a united front.

Orban, who won his fourth term on a virulently anti-immigration platform, was already Hungary's longest-serving leader since the fall of communism in 1989. He has transformed Fidesz beyond recognition: formed as a liberal party in the 1980s, it is now a firmly right-wing nationalist movement.

Buoyed by a strong economy, Orban was always expected to win, but the strong backing for his euroskeptic and anti-immigration platofrm represents a headache for the European Union, according to CNN.

In a speech to supporters on Sunday night, Orban said his victory gave Hungarians "the opportunity to defend themselves and to defend Hungary," reports the BBC.

Leaders of the second and third-placed parties have resigned in light of the result.

Image credit: AFP/Getty Images