Trump Calls FBI Raid On Cohen A 'Witch Hunt'

Trump Calls FBI Raid On Cohen A 'Witch Hunt'

A furious President Trump on Monday blasted the FBI’s seizure of his personal lawyer’s records, calling the move “a witch hunt’’ — and even “an attack on our country.’’

He claimed that the news was responsible for the drop in the stock market from a daily high of 24,373 to just below 23,932, even though news of the feds’ raid broke around 4 p.m., just as the market was closing. The Dow Jones Industrial Average still ended the day 46 points higher than Friday, according

“It’s a disgraceful situation,’’ the president raged after federal agents raided the office and hotel room of his lawyer, Michael Cohen, as part of a bank-fraud probe, according to the New York Post.

A CNN report adds: "It was a photo-op meant to portray President Donald Trump at his most commanding: Flanked by senior military leaders, Trump was there to plot America's response to a suspected chemical gas attack in Syria.

"Instead, his boiling display in the White House Cabinet Room on Monday evening only served to underscore the President's most visible weakness: his ambient rage over Robert Mueller's Russia investigation."

"There could be dark and unprecedented times ahead," another CNN story – an analysis – says.

"The FBI raid against Michael Cohen spiked President Donald Trump's rampant indignation over the Robert Mueller probe to previously unseen heights, multiplying the persecution complex he feels about the FBI and his own Justice Department and fueling his sense he's the target of a witch hunt.

"And it suggests that Cohen, who paid off adult film star Stormy Daniels, could be a bridge between the two separate legal strands threatening Trump," the analysis says.

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