Finish Line Blue

Finish Line Blue

Alex Alex
Author Alex Alex
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I've been told a lie. You would feel the same way.

My mind is full of crucifying thoughts, memories. A funny way the universe plays with my life. As I was picking myself up again, another blow comes right through. I know. Come on.

I'm trying to be open and still I keep blocking the words I'd speak freely. So much happened along the way. I'm still the same. If I can stop looking at the COVERT, then I will know that I did move on. I'm just nowhere near there.

I came here tonight with a story to tell.

She is called the SHADE. Every morning, her closed eyes open to see a different motion. She hates the sun, but she knows that it is the reason for her existence. Night falls and the chesire moon throws his smile on her. SHADE was happy. Once she felt okay and back then she still had her place to call home. Through the generations, SHADE carried an empress' heart and a 4 year old girl's ghost. Now she is waiting her time to break through this life.

Lilac star would almost complete her 24th cycle, that's when SHADE heard his voice. She found something familiar in the melody coming out of the white hollow tree. Her desire to complete the pieces she lost along the journey blinded her sight but she followed him underground anyway. You don't need to see through your eyes if you can just touch.

He held SHADE's hand and it was the spark she longed to feel.

Before the mother's lullaby was heard, she lost her light. The cycle was coming closer to another ending and days before that, SHADE got wounded. Her body was trembling with the blood on her hands. Shade closed her eyes once again and decided to walk until she felt the moonlight on her skin.

The sweet words came first, then the beautiful songs. If only it would last.

SHADE wanted to hide within the COVERT, him. How sad it is to reach and feel a ghost, fading slowly with the crushing solitude.

Good night. It's getting darker as another cycle is almost complete.

25 means you'll wait for the messenger. 

Finish Line Blue

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