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Corsets have been worn as bust-lifting, figure-shaping, and dress-supporting undergarments for centuries. Although bras replaced them, they still are highly sought after pieces amongst the fashion-sensitive individuals.

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Corsets are widely used by women to flaunt their looks, as well as enhance their posture. If you are just getting started, and wish to learn how to pick the best piece, this article is for you.

Types of corsets

Corsets fall in two main groups; the overbust and underbust. As the name suggests, an overbust corset supports and covers the breast in a way that you won’t need to wear a bra with it. The underbust on the other hand, ends on the ribs, right below the breast. Since you are just getting started, you might begin with the underbust corset, because they tend to be easily accessible, more affordable, and even versatile. You can easily rock an underbust corset as an outwear and underwear, which is somewhat hard with an overbust one.

Under the two main categories of corsets, there are some specific silhouettes (or the corset’s shape) that gained inspiration from the historical eras. For instance, a silhouette that’s Edwardian in style uses an “S-bend” trademark, while one that’s Victorian in style has a classic hourglass shape.

If you prefer an overbust shape silhouette, you can go for the sweetheart neckline style, where the corset’s bust area dips in the center, above the breastbone, and then goes around each breast to create a heart-shaped outline to the breast.

The popular styles for the underbust corsets include the classic, the waist cincher or Waspie and the pointed cincher.

Factors to bear in mind when shopping for your corset in London

When you ’re looking for a corset, one of the most important things to bear in mind is your waist size – top corset vendors do not use sizes like large, medium and small. Instead, they use numbers like 28 inches, 26 inches, 24 inches and so on. To get the right measurement of your waist, bend to the left, or right, and mark the area where your torso creases – that’s where you should wrap the tape around. Your waist lies in the middle of your navel and the ribs.

Since you’re a first-time buyer, you should go for a corset that’s four inches smaller than your waist measurement. For instance, if your waist is 26-inches, then you should start with a corset that’s 22 inches.

In addition to picking the right size of a corset in London, you should also ensure that you only settle for a quality brand. Many sellers will claim to offer good quality corsets, but in reality, they sell girdles or bustiers. Poor quality corsets can lead to trouble breathing or discomfort.

Tip for the first time-corset wearers

As a first time user, you may be tempted to lace your corset as tightly as possible – don’t. Your body needs time to adjust to the corset, the same way the corset needs time to conform to your body. The golden rule is to lace down about two inches over two hours or less. And when you realise that you’re feeling uncomfortable or are having shortness of breath, you should unlace, immediately.

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