Life-altering Makeup Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easy

It is quite true that all women love makeup; but you can’t deny that it does require some level of expertise. Not all of us have a steady hand to slay that winged eyeliner like models do. So does that mean that such women don’t have the right to feel beautiful? Well, we will find out the answer to this question pretty soon. Read on to find out the answer.

For all the lazy girls out there who want to up their makeup game, here are some mind-blowing makeup hacks which will definitely change your perspective on makeup. Sometimes you do need professional help when it comes to special events. For such special occasions you can find the best makeup artist in Jaipur. These makeup hacks are for someone who has to deal with makeup on a daily basis.

Skincare hacks

K-beauty has been making some noise in the beauty world and sheet masks are its hero. You might think that sheet masks are relatively easy to apply. However to make the optimum out of these beauty wonders, you must plonk them on your face and then hop into a steamy shower. The steam will open your pores and beautifully absorb the contents of the mask.

Those with greasy skin can rejoice now as this is a saviour hack for you. To keep the oil at bay all day long, apply some eye shadow primer and dust some translucent powder over it. You’re good to go. You can also replace the translucent powder with pearl powder. Much has been said about this wonder-powder. It is said to improve the texture of your skin and also reduce acne as well as marks left behind by it.

Beauty hacks

Plump lips are in vogue these days; thanks to the popular fashion icons. But not all of us have the money or the conviction to go under the knife. So what to do? Well here’s a simple hack for that. It’s called lip contouring. All you have to do it line your lips with a darker shade and fill in with the lighter one and add gloss right in the mid-section of your lip. Alternatively, you can also apply some peppermint oil on your lips before you start with your make up as it has a natural plumping effect.

If you have oily eyelids and that eyeliner just refuses to stay in place then welcome to oily skin club! Don’t worry you don’t have to give up on your perfect eyeliner dreams. Simply use your waterproof mascara as your eyeliner too. With an eyeliner brush, pick some product from the mascara wand and carry on with the lining. Nothing in the world will be able to shake it.

To make your lipstick last longer you can use this hack. Apply your lipstick like always and then blot it with some tissue; now keeping the tissue in place, brush off some setting powder from the outside. Now, once again apply another coat of lipstick and you’ll never look back. The best makeup artist in Jaipur will surely agree to this amazing trick.

This next lipstick hack is something you’re going to swear by all your life. You know sometimes, you buy a lip colour because you like it at that point of time; but later on it just doesn’t feel right. Well you can now fix that dilemma. You can simply change the shade of your lipstick as per your whims. All you have to do is take one shade of lipstick on the back of your hand with a brush. Now pick up another shade and start mixing the two. You never know when you might just find that shade you were looking for!

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