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Entertainment So Entertaining
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Entertainment So Entertaining

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Entertainment So Entertaining
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Why Does Kim Kardashian’s Return to Social Media Matter to Us?

We’ve been waiting for Kim’s re-emergence since, like, forever. It felt all weird and inappropriate to want her to end the blackout and post again on social media so badly. Preferably Instagram. Or did it?

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Kim Kardashian’s talent for over sharing her adventures in the fashion, beauty, lifestyle and sexy selfies categories made her Forbes’s top-earning mobile mogul of 2016. Business was booming last year and everything was all good until that horrible night in Paris when Kim was held up at gunpoint in her hotel room. The thieves walked away with valuable jewels (including Kim’s recently upgraded engagement ring from husband Kanye West) worth about $10million. She was shaken up after being bound and gagged. During the incident, Kim feared for her life, which was spared, but still changed forever. Respectfully, the public backed off and gave her due privacy (as best as we could). I think we all assumed and accepted that Kim’s experience would impact her always-on social media presence. The haters argued that her over-exposure made her an easily tracked target for the Paris heist.

Finally. After three months of radio silence, the reality star re-emerged amidst divorce rumors, but she dispelled them with images and videos of her family. The always strategic Kardashian once again gave us what we had been waiting for: her. Millions of fans and just about every media outlet out there are eating up the “new” Kim Kardashian visible in her vintage filtered family photos, her Cher-inspired long hair and her significantly understated appearance.

But why do we care so much about Kim’s return to social media?

Such a loaded question. The obvious answer is that Kim’s brand was built with the intention of serving her “fans” everything about her life instead of occasionally surfacing on press junkets and red carpets like icons before her. Her fans cling to her and her family’s every move — what they wear, who they’re hanging out with and anything else they offer us via their reality show, personal apps, numerous endorsements and social media channels. Is it possible that her fans could be reconditioned to engage with the Kim Kardashian brand through different avenues other than social media?

Probably not.

Our obsession with all things Kim Kardashian is likely to continue no matter what painful human experiences she goes through. When Kim Kardashian turned her life into the real-life “Truman Show,” disruption on any channel (in this case, social media) was like TV static and we just wanted the interruption to fade away so we could continue watching the show. The good, the bad, the ugly, the unbearable and even the uncomfortable — we want it all from Kim. I’m not sure if that’s fair to her, but I am certain Kim Kardashian will find a way protect herself *and* continue over sharing exactly the way we need her to.

Photos via Kim Kardashian's Instagram


A Breakdown of Kanye West Trolling Us

Kanye, Kanye, Kanye.

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The genius and crazy in you has had us divided in recent years. Some of us have given up on you completely and some of us have bought the Kanye juice, hoping you will merge old-Kanye’s consciousness with new-Kanye’s liberation. Even if it is crazy. However, I knew in 2004 that your obsession with celebrity would be your drug of choice. Some would say it was hunger, but from my vantage point, there was something so thirsty in your lyrics in your “Through the Wire” video. It was as if your stellar talents in music and production didn’t matter as much as your “I have arrived” moment did.

That was 2004 and the internet wasn’t what it is today, and I am not sure if that’s been good or bad thing for you. The term “trolling” wasn’t coined then, but when you proclaimed that George Bush didn’t care about black people in 2005, I knew this could get ugly. I was hoping it was the kind of ugly that would make you a targeted activist that we’d have to protect, but my projections were way off and for that I apologize. I wasn’t expecting your valid accusation about our former president to be followed by a series of outbursts. Let me break ‘em down for you:

2009 - I want to believe the shit show started this year. Drunk off that Henny, you famously interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the VMAs because Beyoncé didn’t win Video of the Year. Even though you were right to be mad, because we all were, we still can’t figure out why this loss for Beyoncé mattered so much for you.

2010 - Fallen from grace, you finally joined the world via Twitter to release your “stream of consciousness” that still hasn’t made sense to us yet.

2011 - You got a cell phone to call your now wife, Kim Kardashian, to tell her that her boyfriend at the time, Kris Humphries, would become a poorly dressed pro-basketball player when he retires. But that was between you and her. However, in your pursuit of Kimmy, you co-signed on her yet-to-be-launched music career and produced a song for her. Why, Kanye?

2012 - In an 86-tweet rant, you claimed to be ready to pick up where Steve Jobs left off by bringing innovation and design to the mainstream. You also released the name of your creative agency, DONDA, in honor of your late mother. You had our hearts, but then you pissed off black women and Beyoncé fans when you brought Kim Kardashian to the BET Awards. Ye, you know the BET Awards is, like, the last thing we got left.

2013 - Now this was the year you outdid yourself! You considered yourself a God and then released an album appropriately titled “Yeezus.” You then went on a creative freedom/protection tour and argued with Sway, The Breakfast Club and Zane Lowe and everyone else for not being included in the fashion industry. Can’t forget that you declared war on Nike for getting in the way of your creative process trying to release the Nike Air Yeezy then forged a partnership with Adidas. Petty. You also fought with Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter and made up with Jimmy Kimmel on his show. Oh, and of course, you reminded us that you’re the new Warhol, the new Disney, and the biggest rock star in the world. And that all happened when you made a baby with Kimmy.

2014 - You bounced back from a draining year and had one of the most beautiful weddings in pop culture history. You even landed the ultimate fashion validation — a Vogue cover featuring you and your stunning wife. However, it was when you disrespected us all by saying that your wife had more influence than our First Lady, Michelle Obama, because her talent is being beautiful. How Sway? You confirmed that you don’t have the answers. But then you did one of the weirdest things you’d ever done: demand that a \ concert-goer in a wheelchair stand up at your concert or you wouldn’t continue the show. WTF?

2015 - Always in support of Beyoncé receiving all of the awards, you attempted to interrupt Beck’s Album of the Year acceptance speech at the Grammys, but reconsidered midway. Thank God. 🙄

2016 - Always upping the ante from the prior year, you did the absolute most in 2016. Between supporting Trump, beefing with your big brother Jay Z and his wife/your forever muse Beyoncé because they didn’t bring Blue over to play with North to trolling Rolling Stone on Twitter for its next cover story, you really outdid yourself.

Yes, you’ve experienced some serious shit. Yes, we care. But for some reason, I think the serious shit you’ve experienced combined with the fact that we’ve witnessed it, turns you on. And that’s what makes you a troll. The good thing is that you’re just like the many other social media stars of today including your wife, Kim Kardashian, which is what we know you guys have in common. The bad thing is that your trolling distracts us from your talents.

How unfortunate.

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